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James Kenton has years of experience running his own business. For over 15 years, he owned and managed Advanced Metal Roofing in Wilmington, North Carolina. He has learned many things about the challenges of owning a business, from managing customer relations to tracking the complexities of business finances. However, he has always prioritized high-quality work and customer satisfaction, which has helped him succeed throughout his various roles.

Throughout his career in metal roofing, James Kenton has enjoyed being able to supply clients with products that are worth their investment. Compared to traditional asphalt shingle roofs, metal roofs have superior energy efficiency, longer lifespans, and more. At Advanced Metal Roofing, James Kenton was instrumental in launching an exclusive ENERGY STAR-rated roofing system in 2008. While many other roofing companies struggled with a downturn in new construction projects, Advanced Metal Roofing continued to thrive by focusing on retrofitting roofs for existing buildings.

In addition to developing the MetalMan Roofing System, James Kenton built the company to become recognized as one of the country’s leading metal roofing installation companies. They were awarded high rankings by entities such as Metal Construction, Replacement Contractor, and Qualified Remodeler. Through the years he spent in roofing, James Kenton helped many satisfied customers increase their energy savings while increasing the overall value and curb appeal of their homes with beautiful new roofs.

James Kenton eventually took his expertise to the Nashville, Tennessee, area, where he worked with Tennessee Metal Roofing for a number of years. In his managerial role, he managed scheduling and finances, provided estimates, and ensured customer satisfaction throughout the process. He enjoyed working behind the scenes to help customers make the best decisions for their homes and walking them through the installation process. James understands the importance of serving customers well to maintain a positive reputation, and he continues to make that a priority no matter where he works.

While James Kenton invests a lot of time into the metal roofing industry, he also invests time into his personal interests and hobbies. At home, he enjoys cooking and experimenting with new recipes or techniques for his friends and family to enjoy. He also enjoys traveling to new places and experiencing new foods and cultures. Additionally, when the weather is nice, he loves taking his boat out on local waterways and enjoying the beauty of nature.

Learn more about James Kenton and his roofing career at JamesKenton.co and JamesKenton.net

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